Bàn ghế mây nhựa, sản phẩm thân thiện với người tiêu dùng

Bàn ghế mây nhựa, sản phẩm thân thiện với người tiêu dùng

Tables and chairs are indispensable items for people's daily living needs. In particular, plastic rattan furniture was born from the development and improvement of natural bamboo and rattan furniture. Plastic rattan tables and chairs were born to meet the consumer demand for those who love natural and traditional products.

Up to now, plastic rattan furniture products have been widely available in the market, present in many places, in many different spaces: from living room, balcony, family bedroom to facilities business coffee, hotel, restaurant,…

Solid and safe structure of plastic rattan furniture

1. Inner frame

The frame of the plastic rattan furniture is made of many different materials such as: steel, aluminum, stainless steel, wood, professionally processed and combined with modern machinery to make the frame firmly and firmly shaped. yellow. In particular, for plastic rattan furniture using metal frames, it will be coated with electrostatic paint to prevent rust and corrosion, and for wood, it will be painted with PU to protect against termites. The design of the frame is shaped based on the basic design and is a solid fulcrum for linking the plastic rattan fibers and styling in handmade knitting.

2. Hand-woven plastic rattan rope outside

Tables and chairs made from imitation rattan have many types and are currently sold on the market with many different prices. Tables and chairs are made from high-quality imitation rattan with high UV resistance, plastic fibers are made from 100% genuine polyester particles. Plastic rattan yarn has extremely high elasticity and durability, the rattan yarn is thick and has a variety of colors, clear tones, classified based on 3 main types of strings: semicircular wire, flat wire and round wire. Each type of rope brings different values, combined with traditional knitting patterns in the handmade bamboo and rattan industry, to create a delicate and luxurious finished product.

Plastic rattan tables and chairs suitable for many different spaces

Your family space will be more prominent when the highlight is one or several sets of plastic rattan tables and chairs. For family-friendly rattan furniture, with a price of less than 10 million, you can already own quite a few favorite furniture for many spaces with different designs, from traditional to modern. With the usual types of plastic rattan chairs in the form of sofas, balcony tables and chairs or simple dining sets, ... are all suitable options for families with affordable and reasonable prices.

The advantage of plastic rattan furniture is that products made from imitation rattan plastic also have a stable price and are much cheaper than other materials such as natural rattan, iron, stainless steel, wood, etc. With the goal of saving Costs in the business of restaurants, resorts, hotels, etc., then plastic rattan furniture is the first choice that you can consider, with a modern and luxurious design, when choosing materials in the price range. Popular, like the powder-coated steel frame combined with semicircular plastic rattan or flat version, or you can still choose the round wire version with a somewhat simple but personality design, giving your decoration space more. lively and attract more customers. Style, wire type and frame material will determine the price for plastic rattan furniture.

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