Our code of conduct

Social Accountability – Human Rights at Work.

HAFPRODEX company is committed to follow as issued by Social Accountability International SAI whose mission is to advance the human rights of workers in factory by work condition, labour rights and corporate social responsibility thought voluntary standards so we are following requirements:

  • Prohibits illegal child labor, compulsory prison or slave labor and physical abuse of workers;
  • Do not use any compulsory prison or slave labor, or inflict any physical abuse or corporal punishment.

Legal requirements

We are committed to comply national and other applicable laws and regulation with international conventions concerning Social & Working condition, Child Labour and protection of the Environment.

Social & Working Conditions

  • Wages & Benefits: The wage paid shall be at least the legal minimum wage. Benefits shall include, at a minimum, those mandated by law.
  • Regular Working Hours & Overtime Hours: It shall comply with applicable laws on regular working hours and overtime hours.
  • Employment Contracts: At the time of hiring, all workers are to be clearly informed of the terms of employment as mandated by law and the Facility’s own policies and regulations.
  • Provide a healthy and safe working environment.
  • Do not engage in the use of physical, mental, verbal or other abuse. All workers are to be treated with respect and dignity.

Health and Safety Management Practices:

  • This health and safety manager shall hold periodic reviews with the director to ensure full compliance with the applicable health and safety laws and the company’s policies.

Health and Safety Education:

  • Workers are to be educated routinely on the importance of health and safety, and good sanitation.

First Aid and Emergency Care:

  • On-site trained first-aid personnel are to be available at all times. Well-stocked general first-aid medical supplies are to be located throughout the Facility

Emergency Exits:

  • Easily accessible exit doors and stairways are required. These exit doors and stairways are to be clearly marked and free of any obstructions.


We shall comply with the applicable environmental laws and regulations of the law’s requirements.

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